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The E. coli BL21(DE3) cys auxotrophic strain
"The formation of diselenide bridges in proteins by incorporation of selenocysteine residues: biosynthesis and characterization of (Se)2-thioredoxin", S. Müller, H. Senn, B. Gsell, W.Vetter, C. Baron,and A. Böck (1994), Biochemistry, 33, 3404-3412.


Selenocysteine labelling
"Structure of the Cathelicidin Motif of Protegrin-3 Precursor: Structural Insights into the Activation Mechanism of an Antimicrobial Protein." J.F. Sanchez, F. Hoh, M.P. Strub, A. Aumelas & C. Dumas (2002) Structure, 10, 1363-1370.

Selenocysteine - Selenomethionine Double labelling
"Selenomethionine and Selenocysteine Double Labeling Strategy for Crystallographic Phasing." M.P. Strub, F. Hoh, J.F. Sanchez, J.M. Strub, A. Böck, A. Aumelas, and C. Dumas, (2003), Structure, 11, 1359-1367.

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