NPK -  0.995

NMR Processing Kernel
Dec 2009


NPK is an NMR processing program. It is intended to provide the user with as much tools and flexibility as possible. For the moment, it can be used in command mode or in unattended mode.

NPK has been rewritten as a replacement of Gifa in the purpose of solving of the difficulties found with this previous program.

It runs on Windows, Linux and MacOs (ppc and x86) and is developped in python. It requires that Java is installed.


There is a complete documentation available here.
As NPK can be used at several levels, you will find documentation for the several levels. If you are new to this, start with the Introduction and with the Launch interface.

There are also several examples available here.

Getting, installing and using NPK

NPK permits to process NMR data-sets very efficiently, with processing in 1D, 2D and 3D. You realize your processing in python, and a complete processing modelisation is available.

Details on the internal program set-up can be found here

If you use NPK, please cite :

Dominique Tramesel, Vincent Catherinot Marc-André Delsuc, “Modeling of NMR processing, toward efficient unattended processing of NMR experiments.” J.Magn.Reson. (2007) 188 p56-67

History and Release notes

The Release Notes

NPK is an NMR processing program developped by